A warm welcome to us

The LS Group is a family business with a loving and empathic attitude. The services will be conducted in a careful manner with high quality where the patient's self-determination and desires are the focus of the efforts.

We always provide good care as well as being a role model and leader in this sector. We work consciously on gender equality, integrity and diversity to guard and protect the individual's different needs and through this provide the best possible care.

The basic condition for a well-functioning personal assistance and home care is good communication and understanding. Therefore, it is obvious that you can get your personal assistance and home care services performed by assistants who speak your native language. Not only will they be able to speak your language, they will also have an understanding and knowledge of your culture and your values.

Therefore we at the LS Assistans offer personal assistance in your native language and assistants who have understanding and respect for your cultural background - we understand you!

We always look at mother tongue, languages, culture and religion from a multicultural perspective. Regardless of ethnic origin and disability everyone should feel equally treated. This is ensured not least by the owner family's national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

To help you get the most suitable assistants for your needs and for your background we hire, on your advice, assistants with the right language knowledge based on your preferences. However, if you prefer to have someone close to you working as your personal assistant, and he or she can meet your needs for personal assistance, we can also employ this person, e.g. a family member or a friend. Then our primary role will be taking the employers responsibility for this individual. Our role in your personal assistance is up to you.

If you do not want to contact us directly you can talk to someone in the organization or community that you may belong to. We have established contacts and partnerships with various religious and ethnic associations who know both us and our business well. Here below is the contact information to your organization where you can turn to learn more about how we can fit into your daily life and improve your quality of life.